6. Roadmap


<Q1> - 53M Total Users / 10B Page Views - Whitepaper 1.0 ver Release - Private Round Token Sale - Toomics Web/App TooNFT Payment System


<Q1> - 60M Total Users and 12B Page Views - Webtoonization: popular web novel content <Q2> - NFT Market Launch - Activatization of Big Data for personalization
<Q3> - Producing trendy webtoon content - Customizing (based on Big Data) - Implementing the global expansion strategy (Singapore) - Implementing the global expansion strategy (The Philippines)
<Q4> - TooNFT Staking & Treasury Launch - 70M Total Users and 14B Page Views - Opening the self-upload system for content creators - Recruiting content creators online (marketing strategy implementation) - (The Philippines) recruitment of content creators for UK/USA (English speaking countries) - Global marketers recruitment and advertising in Japan and the United Kingdom’s local subsidiaries


<Q1> - (Indonesia) Establishment of local webtoon production/ Recruitment for global content production - 80M Total Users and 16B Page Views
<Q2> - Relocating the leading base country to the UK
<Q3> - (United Kingdom) recruitment of global business leaders: marketers/planners/ developers/designers - Add 6 languages to content translation
<Q4> - 100M Total Users and 18B Page Views - United Kingdom formation of local AI development team/ Automation of production through AI - Expanding globally by adding 6 more languages - Recruitment of global marketing experts/ Expansion of advertisements at the UK subsidiary



- Governance System Launch
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